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Hello everyone, been a couple of years since I last wrote a journal.

Listen, I would like to keep this short, so I'm going to skip to why I'm writing this journal, and tell you all that this is to help bring an artist's fantasy novel to life.

 A fellow deviant, :icondroemar: is soon to open up the Kickstarter for her YA fantasy novel, with dinosaurs: Mark of the Conifer, for a second time after just barley missing her stretch goal. Those who follow my account should know I am a massive fan of dinosaurs, both accurate and inaccurate. Mark of the Conifer stood out from other dinosaur books because the character designs are based off of our modern day perception of these animals, so these dinos are fluffy. This book peaked my interest instantly, and I want to read it, but both myself and everyone of you can't unless the Kickstarter is backed. If anyone of you here are in love with dinosaurs, and fantasy, this book might appeal to you. Please, give this novel your support. Even the author of the Summer King Chronicles :iconelementaljess: gave this project her support. If anyone of you here are fans of Jess's novels, then you might like this dinosaur epic. Below, I will leave links to the books facebook group, the website, and I will update this journal when the kickstarter goes public.

Please, help this fire burn, and Mark the Conifer

Story synopsis 

Hatched beneath a solar eclipse, the young raptor warrior Sunstrike enters the world in the shadow of Sol— the goddess of the dinosaurs. Sunstrike is devoted to Sol’s holy law and takes pride in keeping the Pact, the sacrificial regard between hunters and hunted.

But the balance of nature is destroyed, and darkness spreads over the land in the shadow of the Empress Charr, a vicious tyrant bent on ruling the North American Cretaceous. Her conquering regime carries a strange and terrifying magic: the knowledge of fire.

His faith in Sol shattered, Sunstrike sets out on an extraordinary quest for justice. When he becomes the protector of the last free herd, he faces challenges to his honor, his courage, and the lives of his friends that will reveal a terrifying destiny.

Sunstrike must face the Empress, even as his dreams foretell that to fail will mean the end of the world — and to win will mean the ultimate sacrifice.


The Mark of the Conifer Kickstarter is now live, show your support.…
Draconet Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Student General Artist
Spreading the word
NeilFinnStudios Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Wonderful to hear.
Draconet Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Student General Artist
Yep, hope it helps :)
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February 25